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Monday, October 14, 2013

SOLVING CONSTISolving Constipation in Babies

Constipated baby 

Your baby is constipated and cries very often but for some reason you do not know what to do. Like me an old titme mother we use to make soap suppositories .It work but you can imagine the burning effect on the infants anus. is an article I saw which gives  a solution to the problem.
The solution was prune juice that was sweetened with Sorbitol which would be mixed with water and fed to the infant and the  article said it worked like a breeze. I do have my concerns about giving sorbitol to a baby because of its side effects
As reported on WebMD   Here are some of the documented evidence of Sorbitol
Reports of side effects such as abdominal pain and diarrhea with high amounts of sorbitol consumption are nothing new, says Roger Clemens, DrPH, a spokesman for the Institute of Food Technologists and professor of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

"The laxative effect is very well documented," Clemens tells WebMD. "It could be these individuals [in the case histories] were particularly sensitive." And they did consume excessive amounts, he notes. "We would not expect the average consumer to consume upwards of 20 sticks of gum a day."
"Sorbitol is not well absorbed," Clemens says. As a result, excess water enters the gastrointestinal tract and diarrhea can occur.

 Those who rely on artificially sweetened products to help manage their diabetes or to reduce overall calories, he says, should use a variety of such products and consume them in moderation. Sorbitol is found in toothpastes as well as chewing gum and sweets.
Prune as we know especially the juice is very, very good for constipation  at any age and any gender. It is useful for the purpose in persons who have difficulty going after a surgery. There fore it would be also good for babies.

My solution to this problem would be to get the seedless prunes  say  4 boil and put  in 1/12 cups water.  Boil them for 5-10 minutes. Then  blend them  in the same water. You then  extract the juice using a clean muslin cloth if the baby is very young  and feed it to the baby.  If  baby is old enough feed it will pulp and everything In this case the baby will not suffer the consequences of the discomfort of the side effects of the Sorbitol.
The less people use commercially prepare juices the more healthy they will become. It is much better for you to get your fresh fruits  and vegetables blend or extract them then place in covered containers and put in the freezer and free so that the nutrient remain live. As for diabetics I recommend that they eat the live fruit instead of using them as juice since juices spike the blood sugar/

. I suggest that diabetics take vegetable juices, drink fresh or stored frozen As for me I stay away from most sweetened juice I rather eat the fruit and drink lots of water. Nursing mothers should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetable juice in their diets  then babies will not suffer from constipation.

 As soon as food is introduce to the baby’s diet  start adding fresh fruits and vegetable Juice also, this will keep  constipation at bay


  1. You are not a liberty to tell someone to stop taking their medication if you did not do an assessment of the individual to find out the cause. this site is for information only and not to give medical advice. We educate individuals on the choices available and one is alternative medicine


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