Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Dear Friend

 I know you are longing to fit into your size twelve and fourteen outfit again, to be able to  climb those stairs with ease, and  to stop  feeling that pain in your left breast when you are trying  to hurry. We can help you If you use our programme all these will be things of the past .
  The JICM Centre Weight Loss Programmed is built on utilizing the eight laws of health, namely( Nutrition, Exercise. Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in Devine Power).

 From time to time you may be introduced to natural herbs which will aid in speeding up the process. 

These will be given in the forms of teas, tablets or tincture. However it is left entirely up to you. You are not compelled to take them as weight loss can be achieved without taking them.

We can only make suggestions but the results of this programme is mostly dependent on you. It has worked for others. If you do as you are directed you should start seeing results in ten days.
You will be monitored and be given encouragement along the way, physically or through written communication. Any concern you may have be free to email or call us.

 We suggest you do not lose, more than one to two pounds weekly to ensure Maximum health.
We see weight loss as if we are playing a game with the intention to win .   
Please sign the disclaimer   as an indication that you understand and agree and return it to the center with your payment, or proof of payment.

 My fee is reasonable. You will pay through Paypal If you are in Jamaica you can pay through NCB Bank. to account JICM WELLNESS CENTER, Lucea Branch, Hanover  or Western Union or pay me personally (call For.details)
 Happy playing may you win. 

Yours Sincerely,
Juliet Christie Murray.
(CEO & consultant ) JICM Wellness Centre
Tel: 3781254

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