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Friday, February 7, 2014


HOW TO MAKE IT TO HEAVEN:    And get your true healing

 You may be feeling ill at the moment and  would like to be healed. However the best healing will be that of gain eternal life.
Just in case you do not get well physically in this life, when you  get eternal life you will have  no more sickness nor pain nor death.

All things are possible if you have the faith believe and obey the teachings of Jesus Christ


1.      Follow the teachings of Jesus Christ 
      Read Matt. Mark, Luke and John .in the Holy Bible These are the Gospel of Jesus Christ .
      Before you start pray and ask for guidance of the Holy Spirit. Next read the book
        of Hebrews slowly.

2   Acknowledge that you are a sinner 
    .Confess your sins to Jesus and ask for His forgiveness.

3.      Then decide to follow him.
       Find a body of people who are following  the teachings of Jesus Christ  and be baptized
        like Jesus did  (You must not forget the assembling with another (Hebrews 10:25).

 Find a body of people to connect to

 How do you identify the right body of people to be connected to

   a. Isaiah 8:20 -They must follow the laws and the testimonies of Jesus Christ
   b. Revelation 14:12 They must keep the commands of God
   c. Revelation 22:10-16-Blessed are they who keep the commands they have right
         to eternal life
   d. Hebrews 4: 1-16 -They keep  all the Ten Commandments not only nine
       Just like Jesus did.

How. Important is the law and what is the purpose of it?
      a. Galatians 3:24  it correct us like a school master  it points out sin
      b. Mathew 23: 23 It shows judgment, mercy and faith
      c. Proverbs 13:13-16. It rewards and also keep us from the snare of eternal death
      d. Proverbs 13: 13-16  It is the foundation of life
  Is the commandment given in Exodus 20: 1-20 still relevant to day
   a.    Matthew 3:16 - Until heaven and earth pass the law still stands
   b.   James 2:10-13- All the moral law should be kept including the new
          commandment of love
         c.    Rev 22: 14- It  Keeping the law gives  right to the tree of life

      What is  Sin.
          a.John 3:4 Sin is the transgression of the law
   b.Rom.7:7 Without the law cannot  know sin   .
   c.Rom. 6:22 The wages of Sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life
      through Jesus Christ our Lord
   d.Eph. 2:8-9 You cannot work for eternal life it is a gift given us freely  by Jesus Christ.

We are save by this gift of grace 
.But we must accept this gift  of grace  by faith and by doing the will of Jehovah God
If you love Him you will fear Him and keep his commandments. (The fear of the Lord is to hate evil Prov.8:13). It is the beginning of wisdom

: Prepared by :  Medical Missionary: Juliet Christie Murray.


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