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Foods that may be used as Medicine
There are some illnesses that are directly related to lifestyle and what we eat.
Here is a quick reference guide as to some of the food that may be used
 for medicinal purpose.This means if you add them to the diet you are less likely to suffer from the illness listed below

                             Medicinal uses

Eat raw onions. Onion  helps to ease  constriction of bronchial
 tubes. Putting onion Pack on the chest makes breathing easier
as it  helps respiratory ailments.
Bladder infection
Drink cranberry juice. The high acid in cranberry juice will control the harmful bacteria
Bone problem
Eat pineapple. Bone fractures and osteoporosis   can be prevented  by the manganese in pineapple

Breast cancer
Use wheat brand and cabbage. These help maintain estrogen at a  at healthy levels. 

Eat garlic, it clears  stuffy head  and lowers cholesterol
 Drink natural carrot juice help will cold in lungs.

Use hot red peppers.  It contains a substance similar to that in cough syrup. Use cayenne with caution especially tablets, it could irritate the stomach.

Clogged  arteries
  Eat avocado,  the mono unsaturated fat lowers  cholesterol. Eat garlic it breaks down cholesterol. Eat cooked oats it sweeps   out cholesterol

Eat apples.   Grate apples  with skin, let it turn brown  eat it to cure this condition. Bananas are also good for this problem too.

Hay fever
Use honey .Eat the honey from your area.(local region daily)

Head ache
Use Ginger .It reduces inflammation and pain

High blood pressure
Eat celery and olive oil. They both contains chemicals that lowers blood pressure. Cucumber juice will act as a diuretic
 and cayenne  pepper added will reduce the Blood pressure immediately.

If you cannot sleep. Use honey It can act as a sedative and a

Lung cancer
Eat dark green and orange vegetables.A good antedote is beta carotene .a form of vitamin A found in dark green and orange vegetables

Memory problems
Take zinc. Eat foods that contain Zinc like pumpkinseeds. Drink rosemary tea

Eat cabbage, drink cabbage juice. It contains chemicals that  helps both gastric and duodenum  ulcers.

Upset stomach
Eat  ripe bananas. Bananas will settle an upset stomach.  Ginger  will cure morning sickness.

 Contributing author::Juliet Christie Murray
Credit to:Health Department . S.D.A. Church West Jamaica.Conference

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