Monday, May 26, 2014


Digestive Enzymes help break down food substances in forms that can be absorbed and assimilated by the body. They are very important to digestion.

Unfortunately  starting from age 30 the body’s secretion begins to decline by the senior years.  Usually  this declination can significantly affects digestion.Younger individuals commonly suffer from  insufficient  digestive enzyme as  well.
Tons  of antacid are purchase each year: Andrews, Maalox, Dioval , Milk of Magnesia and the list goes on. All aimed  at  ease conditions such as acid reflux,  excessive belching,  bloating,  excessive passing of  gas, stomach burn, and the list goes on.
Most of these individuals would do much better if they take a digestive enzyme before eating, These sometime could be a bit costly for some individuals especially  the elderly  and poor individuals in third world countries who do not work.
You can eat pawpaw  and or pineapple a little before meals as these contain these digestives enzymes. necessary to digest protein, carbohydrates, and fats  Taking acidophilus tablets to supply intestinal flora can be helpful too
Things to do that will help  
1.       Chew your food properly
2.       Stop chewing gums
3.        Avoid soft drinks and excessive caffeine and alcohol    
4.       Eat uncooked fruits , vegetables, and sprouts rich in enzymes
5.       Eat no later than 2 hours before bed time
6.       Avoid laying down  immediately after meals
7.       Do not eat and drink

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