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Saturday, May 31, 2014


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 Read Please note: The health information receive during this consultation is for general education purposes and is not intended to be a specific medical advice. No medical care diagnosis or treatment is provided during this consultation. It is advisable to consult  one’s health care provider before implementing any lifestyle changes.

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  Beginning Counseling

Prayer: We pray for God Guidance and Direction

5 leading cause of death in Jamaica: 1.Cerebral vascular Accidents (blockage in brain), 2.Pneumonia (lung infection) 3 .pulmonary embolism,(blockage in arteries of lungs), 4.Ischemic heart (plaque  build up in heart) 5. diabetes (sweet blood)  6. Murder

Disease  come from 4 ways
1.Generational curses 
2.For the Glory Of God
3.Violating the laws of health 
 4.Demonic attack 

 What is Disease : its an effort of nature to free the system of unhealthy conditions brought on by  the violation of the health laws (CH.90 pg 1.MH 73)   

The process of making these lifestyle changes suggested will help you to remain healthy, may reduce life style diseases, may reverse life style diseases and may prevent life style diseases. One may not get physical health by doing all this but following God’s health and moral law will bring spiritual healing.
This is what Jesus came for to heal sin sick souls .Faith and belief is the point when miracles happen

What are The laws of health are: (N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T) Nutrition, Exercise. Water, Sunshine. Temperance.  Air .Rest. Trust God .(MH 44)

1. A certain the cause   (Disease never comes without a cause)
2. Change the unhealthy conditions 
3 Correct wrong habits and assist nature in expelling waste
4.Restablish right conditions  :

How do we establish right conditions  By following the health laws.  Eating right.  Eg. Nutrition  God ‘s original diet for  human Is : fruits grains ,nuts, vegetable (Gen. 1 39).You are what you eat (eat 80- 100% until  You will get well eg ( IF YOU HAVE CANCER EAT NOTHING  or 10%,COOKED, NO SUGAR) 

 Obedience  to God brings health : One cannot  be unhealthy if one  practices Gods Health Laws.
Prov :26:2:  Curse causeless never come ( means :Curse can never hurt you unless you deserve them)  
 Ex 15:26 He will bring non of diseases that affected the Egyptians on those who keep his laws..
2 Chron. 7:14 If God’ people humble and pray he will heal.

 Disobedience   Bring Death There are some curses that come from life style and some from generation practices. Parents ,grand parent etc. Some are from disobedience to God’s laws. Dut 28: 15, 21,22  Says: He will smite with the disease that affected the Egyptian, Consumption, fever, inflammation , burning mildew, astonishment and many others.
Disease comes about  from toxic overload  when the body tries to get rid of it,  it brings on fatigue ,skin eruptions, joint paints,  organ, damage, boils and tumors ever, inflammation,, lung infection etc

Listen To  this it will put in the right frame of mind for healing

Process of correcting:
 1.  Pray                 Ask God for forgiveness  and help to make the change in correcting the problem

 2. Fasting            To clean out the toxin (There are 7 organs of  elimination Eyes,  nose, mouth,   ears, clandestine ,rectum, skin)and( 7 channels of elimination( liver, kidney, colon, blood, lymph, skin,lungs Fasting will not make you sick it will
                               make your cells work better. Use one or all  (water, fruit juices. Vegetables juice and herb tea) you must do a parasite cleans too.

 3 Cleansing:         Perfect blood perfect Health the life of the flesh is in the blood  (Liv.17:11, )You can   use all of the methods below    

                                Clean: liver , kidney,  colon. blood, lymph ,lungs,skin 
                                 (1 lemon  8 ozs water,  1tsp turmeric,  4 ins aloe 1days )( + 2 days with juices) 

                                 Lemon  aid  (  Maple syrup  2 tables /molasses2  10 ozs water,1 /4 tsp cayenne,2
                                  tbsp lemon juice 7-10 days 5-15 times daily ) no food

                              Take the  7 channel Cleaning formula a combination of  special selected herbs contact the center for this

                               Non enema.  Colon cleanse   Psyllium Husk 1 tsp in  5 oz water  2 times daily ,one at night. Before  going to bed.   Drink  lots of water.
                               Colonic. enema, with coffee. Hot bath with Epsom /glover/ seas./salt , /oils. hot and cold showers
$.   Health Laws   N E W ST A R T  ( nutrition ,exercise, water, sunshine temperance, air Rest. Trust                                    God }        
                               Nutrition : Use  lots of fruits vegetable  grains, nuts sparingly Lots of raw vegetable  
 juices   For major problems (use 80% -100% raw foods. No flesh Cancer)

Possible Disease
Tablets to take
 Herbs to take
Foodsto eat

May be tablets/ teas


Uric  acid
 Acid reflux

stones, gout
Arthritis ,kidney
 Mineral  vitamins hormone

Stone buster

Devils  claws
Immune booster formulae

Female balance formulae
Pine apple .papaw

Garlic+ green juices

Blackstrap  molasses
Kelp .wheat grass, barley morenga, alphalfa
Green juices, parsley
Excess glucose

Fungus ,bacteria


 gas in small intestine

Para fungal

Acidophilus tablets

Tincture of
Black walnut,worm wood,semi  contract,

Bitter melon, turmeric 
. fennel
Mints teas
7 channel  detox formulae
Pine apple . papaw


Honey propolase

String bean  1 lb +1 ¼ qrts water boil take 2-3 cps-d
Acidophilus liquid,

Excess  cholesterol.

Plaque, heart arteriosclerosis
Circulation etc

Stone buster
flax seed grounded in water

Hawthorn berry,
Cayenne, chlorophyll
Blood purifying herbs = red clover,
buchu, burdock,

Pineapple papaw

Garlic +green juice

  If you need more help you may contact us by leaving a comment or email us
contributing author Juliet Christie Murray  BA. DIP
 Nutritionist healthy. lifestyle counsellor

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