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Herb for Health and Wellness

                                                    smoothy is good for health and wellness There are many forms in which herbs can be used, the most common of which is in the form of a liquid drunk by the patient, either an herbal tea or a (possibly diluted) plant extract. powders and tablets I have helped hundreds of people with different problems and promoted a healthy lifestyle that leads to health and wellness.Herb-like: to create the formula that is sure to help you   Click the link of your choice to learn more   Male erectile dysfunction  cure  Better Health for men  Red boost tonic For men  Weight loss for men  Better Eye Health for male At  Dr. Freeman – Herbal Home ) we will find herd  to address any of the problem below alcoholism                                                                             Allergy Acne Allergy Athletes foot Anxiety and stress Bad breath Boils Burns Flu Gas(Swollen stomach) P.A.D disease Gingivitis Earache Diverticulitis Colds Alzheimer's


1-3 DAYS BODY CLEANSING  2, lemon/grapefruit, remove rind and blend seed and every thing   4 inches aloe Vera blend and mix with lemon/grapefruit juice   1/2 tsp turmeric add to the mixture and blend   Take 4ozs or 1/4 cup for 3 nights and 3 mornings   Drink 6 -8. Glasses of water each day (spring or treated water)     Mix enough for 1 morning and 1 evening each day 1  Drink  only water for the first day 2.  Drink fruit juice and water the 2nd day 3.  Drink  2 glasses green juice (chlorophyll) and 2 glasses of fruit juice  along with water for the 3rd       Congratulation you have just completed your 3 days body cleaning       GETTING OFF THE CLEANSING DIET 4    On the 4th day add plain yogurt to your diet or take 3 acidophiles tablets 3 times daily.        You may drink some light soup 5.    On the 5th day you begin eating normal food.and follow the rules below   Having a belly fat problem take , string beans, sweet pepper, ga


                      What To Do times days Rept TALK TO A CONSULTANT Acid reflux  happens when the lower esophagus sphincter does not close properly allowing acid to backup into the esophagus.  This acid can cause   a burning sensation and can also wear away the lining of the esophagus called chronic heart burn .As one get older the body makes less enzymes one of the chief causes of acid reflux. This program should be tried  for at least 10-14 days. Healthy habits should be incorporated  such as drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day between meals. No snacking, no eating between meals , no drinking with meals, eat from God’s natural diet plan,  go to bed before or at 10:pm. Get 30 mins. Walk at least 3 times per week in the sunshine, get fresh air in your bedroom Before using this protocol get your physician to give you  an accurate diagnosis. Protocol Try eating pineapple o


                Causes of weight gain or weight  reduction Weight gain   Aging, congestive heart  failure depression  diabetes, drug reaction. Edema, hormonal imbalance, Hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, lack of exercise, over eating , poor diet , Weight loss aging, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, anorexia nervosa, cancer, chronic infection, depression, diabetes, hepatitis, Mal-absorption,  syndrome, mononucleosis, Parkinson disease Indication: Geared to help individuals who are obese ; Before this programmed is implemented. The individuals should take the following measurements             Height--------- Weight------------------- Body Fat ------------  BMI---------------- He should determine how much is the final weight loss goal and how much is the weekly weight lost goal . A diet based on the caloric requirement should  be worked out  for the individual. A quick reference calculation is .For  the first 5 feet  give 100 lbs .For each additional inch  allow 5-7 lbs


                                        HEALTH ASSESSMENT FORM Are you tired of doctors  who are too tired to address your medical concerns..You do not have to be any longer .Answering these questions will help you find out what may be your problem..If you can answer the questions in each section and see how many you are allowed  then if you go on or above the allowed answers then you may need to take supplements  to correct the condition .If you have problem with more than one area just start  correcting one first then move on to the next. There is a product for each are. Just follow the link here to read up on them. There are from a company who is known to make superb products that works you may check out the reviews on Amazon .com Natures Sunshine Products will help you send your doctor on a vacation  or better still lay him off. You can type in the the name  of the product in the search box when you click on the product name link.