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Just a simple Lifestyle Change

I change my lifestyle 3 year ago today and dramatic things have  happening. And I never turn back.
I am hypertensive and a diabetic and was 180 lbs when I started. I became an hypertensive at age thirty and a confirmed diabetic at age 53  although there were signs of diabetes such as skins color change but believe it was the side effects of the hypertension tablets and have actually changed hypertension tablets 6 times and no change.

With this life style change I have taken my weight down to 150 lbs without medication nor fad diets and minimal exercise just for firming. 3 years ago And have kept it off ever since
 I now maintain a blood pressure between 114/76 – 130/80 in very stressful situation it may go to 140/90 and a blood sugar between 5 -6 ( 81-108)
I still have my medication on hand and try taking them sometime  if I slip a bit but they always make me feel sick and  the reading gets too low for me to function efficiently.

I am now on the business of promoting healthy life style coupled with healthy finances .I am so excited that I want to tell others about them. I want to help individuals to live healthier lives and have better standard of living.
I am actually on a crusade for healthy lives style and have become a medical missionary and have opened a small wellness center where I teach individuals to manage their disease through lifestyle changes. In a nutshell this  is what I teach individuals: how to utilize natures 8 doctors meet them below:

                        JICM WELLNESS CENTRE
                                 Meet  the 8 doctors , they will  help you         
                 Celebrate  Life , God’s Gift To You

             1.Nutrition. Eat foods from all nutrient groups Do not eat
                       And drink,at the same time. Do not eat between meals

               2.Exercise  Do this at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes.
                     Walking is very good

               3.Water :  Drink 6-8 glasses daily and do not eat and drink

   4. Sunshine : Spend  30-45 minutes in the sunshine

              5. temperance: Avoid  bad practices, do moderately the
  things that are good

                 6. Air:  Get   Fresh air ,sleep in proper ventilated   at nights.

                                7. Rest:  Get  7-8 hours  go to bed by  latest 10:00 pm

                                          8. Trust  Trust in divine power

I also realize that individuals are suffering financially and need counseling on finances and not  only counseling but need opportunities to make money.

In my search for finding one item that helped a lady with bad arthritis pain  I came upon the ideal business opportunity which from research is one very good method of ensuring financial freedom.

With this business an individual can work at his/her leisure , and  decide the line of products s/he wishes to promote .The products are from a company that has over  fifty years of track record  and is certified with the BBB as one of the best is  the United States. The products the choose from are varied, Home, Hair, Health, Cosmetic, jewelry, office , snacks quite a wide variety.

If the individual has the entrepreneur  s/he can become and Independent Business owner (IBO).  At this point s/he can invite and registers other IBOs and give them also the opportunity to be paid by the company for sales volume and new IBO.
The New IBO is required to pay $62. US to register and  Is given a store in the form of a website that has all the products carried by the mother company. The new IBO is also given kit to start the business.
You can get ;more information  and see what a store looks like here

Here I am operating the wellness center where I educate people on their health and I use my other business to improve my finances as I  use  it to introduce health products to  help individuals to improve their health..
People sometimes ask me to help them to keep up their energy levels and improve their physical performance on the jobs and on  recreational activities. Women ask for help with pre menstrual syndrome , menstrual and menopause problem  this is when I suggest the herbs they can use. Most times I give them recipe or they may ask me to prepare it for them. People ask for natural help for problems like arthritis and even infertility.

For those who like commercial products I introduce them to supplements herbaland vitamins my  online store carries

 But most of all I recommend them to the 8 doctors first nutritional supplements ,and lastly herbs. The results is most times tremendous and amazing Just a simple lifestyle has empowered me to .

A. Lose weight
B. Lower  my High blood Pressure
C. Control my diabetes.
D. Improve my finances for the Better
E. Over all health.
I am so happy
    An so I introduce  it to you. You too can do all this and more by just assessing your lifestyle and change for the better.
Healthy blood  no disease no disease  Hooray to good health. God bless

To The Visitors

Dear Visitor I am happy that you took the time to visit this site
We are a group of medical missionaries who operate from Sandy Bay,Hanover, Jamaica.

At the center we do

 Know your numbers testing such as height weight, waist measurement,
Blood pressure, testing BMI and Computer Health age,
 Blood sugar and cholesterol testing are done by request at individual own  reisk. 
  We accept a contribution to replace material used. We do use the best material under sterile and sanitary conditions by trained individuals.

 We offer education on managing your lifestyle and lifestyle disease for better health.
We do lifestyle assessment for a reasonable fee
We offer free health counseling, but accept contributions.

We help you plan a weight reduction program to help you manage your weight.
We introduce you to the Daniels Diet which is guaranteed to make you feel better and if it is  followed will make you lose weight without special expensive diet, supplement and excessive exercise.
We teach individuals about the benefits of using nutritional herbs to alleviate simple illnesses
At the center we do hydrotherapy and massage therapy which attracts a cost.
The center also provides and sell nutritional herbs, protein alternatives to meat, fruit drinks including coconut water, spring water and a variety of nuts.

The center carries  healthy desert, Jamaican Jack ass corn, Healthy  Fiber Cookies, Jamaica vegetarian sweet potato pudding  all sold in controlled servings  sizes so one does not  over indulge.
We do health presentation to organizations and institutions and companies. For this we do not charge but allow companies to give a donation to cover material and transportation cost.

 We hold vegetarian cooking classes on request  for this we charge a minimal sum per person in attendance to cover expenses of material . and ingredients

All our counseling is based on the natural health laws as taught by the Seventh Day Adventist.
It is good to be healed physically but it is best to be spiritually whole. We encourage individuals to thrust  in the Almighty. “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Corn :
Juliet C Murray

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