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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ionic Detox Experiences

There is so much controversy about this foot detox that I no longer   listen to the doctors, scientist or skeptics.I started talking to individuals who have done the process. Some said they slept well some said they had no effect and some got good relief from arthritic pains.

I had and intriguing experience thought it good to mention.  One individual did the detox he is a smoker. His water was slightly yellow. However there was so much froth is was amazing.
Two other individuals did it the first was slightly yellow you could almost say it did not change.The other individual  water showed very light grey you could say the water did not change  .

I started to doubt the array. It was suppose to be new it was  using  for the 4th and 5th time.
I  sent a complaint to the company then. decided to try it myself. I sterilized and clean  the array then did  the process. The water became deep orange and murky with white foam. I could not believe it.
I clean , sterilized  and l decided to do someone else to see what would be the effect  to my surprise . that water was clear and a beautiful  light green with oil floating on top.

Not satisfied I  washed sterilize and dry the array this was now the eight session this array was being used .We were appalled this was a young  lady. immediately the water became brown then become black  with lots of foam. All individuals experience a good sleep more energy and reduced joints pain.
 There you are you be the judge

Our feet have over 7500 nerve endings and over 2000 sweat glands in them. Your foot there is a natural gate way to eliminate waste product from your body.
Toxin will attach themselves to your fat cells before  your organs. If the body does not eliminate these toxins properly from the fat cells the toxins will start building-up on the organs this is when the body start to break  and illness and disease may start to creep in.

During an ionic foot bath an ionic charge is release into the water which raises the voltage of the cells to the optimum levels, which increases the cells ability to function normally to absorb nutrient and oxygen, in doing so the cells, and the body organ is able to eliminate waste allowing the body to function more efficiently.
 The fizz is the negative and positive charges that pull the toxins from the pores of the feet.
The ionic current that runs through the module is safe for children at the age of 8yrs. It is to note however the people with pacemaker or women who are pregnant must not do this procedure.
Too much detox will pull lubricant out the joints and ligaments. Do not do more than (Twice a week)

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