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Friday, November 20, 2015

Benefits of Exercise

For exercise to be beneficial is must be done for   
Duration of
·        3 times weekly
·        30 minutes
·        Elevation of  heart rate must rise above 100
Effect of exercise on the skeletal system
·        Increases the bone mass
·        Strengthens bone mass (black people have the highest density of  bone mass)
·        Will decrease risk of  fragility and fracture in (hip, spine and wrist bones)
Benefits  on  Muscles
·        Strengthen muscles
·        prevent you from falling
·        protective effect on ligaments
·        reduces risk of lower back pain
Benefits  on Bowels
·        increase mobility
·        less constipation
·        less expose to toxic products and bacteria
·        decrease risk of bowel cancer
·        increase water intake which decrease risk of constipation
  Benefits:  on Mind and Spirit
 Relaxation and It is fun
·         Has positive effect on mood
·        increase and release endorphins and encephalin which give a feeling of high
·        reduce stress
·        Keeps away depression
·        improves self esteem

Effect   on skin
·        increase sweating  and get rids of toxin
·        Prevents the blocking of pores and removes trapped dirt and oil
Exercise Improve immunity
·        increase white blood cell counts
·        improve lymph flow
·        Allows for weight loss
·        Increase insulin secretion
·        Decrease diabetes   Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%
·        Improves sleep  by Improving the depth and length of sleep
·        Decrease risk of heart disease
·        Cause a decrease in LDL bad cholesterol
·        Increase HDL good cholesterol
·        Lower risk of coronary disease and strokes by 35%
·        Lowers blood pressure
·        Reduce the risk of peripheral  muscles damage
·        Reduces the risk of cancer
·        Important
·        Heart beat must be  60-100  People  with too low a heart beat  should not  do exercise
·        Walking is good exercise. However you must do muscles strengthening exercise for full benefit. and equal distribution  on muscles  
·          Squats,  Pushing against  a wall and carrying nap sack on your back to strengthen back and leg muscles
·         Show the simple exercise that helps build immune raise heart beat and strengthens muscles.
·        Do Remember to drink  lots of water ,  do body detox  inside and out
·        Here is an effective way to detox the body externally
2       lbs sea salt
                                                         ½ lb Epsom salt
        1 box bicarbonate soda
            1 pint hydrogen peroxide
 Put in a bath tub of Luke warm water soak to 15-20 minutes.

We at the J.I..CM. Wellness Centre can help with your detox program and other health issues. We offer  services  such as  healthy lifestyle changes consultation, ionic foot detox, herbal detox, massage therapy,full body scan, and weight management programs.
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I leave this thought From the Divine with you
Above all I wish that you would prosper and be in good health even as your soul prosper. All things are possible if you only believe.
Credit Is Given to Don Gilbert : Orthopedic Doctor
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Prepared By Juliet Christie Murray

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