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Monday, May 14, 2018

Contact to order our services

 Welcome  Contact  us to make appointment  for the in house services.we offer

Free in house consultation on the 23rd of each month with a professional trained Medical and naturopathic doctor (If 23rd is a Saturday then the following Monday)

1 a.Full body massage  $4500-$6000
   b. Chair back massage $1500
2.Ionic foot detox $2000
3.QMRA  Full body scan $2000.
5..Know your numbers testing 
     a. blood pressure $100
     b.blood sugar$250
     c. BMI (body mass  index)$300
     d. Computer health age  300
     e. peak flow-lungs $300
     f. Muscle strength$300

Accept credit and debit cards
 Contact us

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