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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Parkinson Disease Clinical Out look

Parkinson Disease clinical out look.

It is said that Parkinson is the most complicated  in clinical medicine diseases

It manifest over 20; motor feature and 20 non motor features. It has been treated with many different dosage of varying types of medicine .It is said to be the only disease  if given one dosage and see  immediate   results. For example given a dosage of dopamine may result in a patient waking up  out of his depression and function  normally even for a short period.

Because of the  situation of Parkinson the patient has to display a lot of courage  to take  his medication and do his exercise.

It has been proven that exercise. Is the best treatment for Parkinson’s and.  Alzheimer  patients
It is now recognized. That a person with Parkinson  does not mean life has stopped. What patient  needs. Is  Specialized  methods of care giving to be available  to him  because Parkinson is believed to be a number of different diseases it is best that service and science  hub  be to  created so that while treating patients in these hubs  research can be carry out in  case studies .

Various form of modalities will be under on cover.
Because Parkinson is degenerative  and said to be a combination of more than one disease it is important  to keep as best to the guidance mention below when trying to give patients care.

Recognize that Parkinson is not the worst disease.
With better care patients can live
Always plant the seed of faith in patients so that they can have a good life.
Understanding what  patients and set a plan of action for improving their life
Timing is important  because the disease is always changing as circuits  of the brain changes. it should be use as to when and what  medication to give.
Preventable therahy can be the best care for Parkinson patient this is to try and keep them out of hospital
speech therapy
Occupational therapy
Find out what’s new since treatment program is always under research
Modifications identification of  compounds and practices that can slow the disease down.

There are always new method and technology that are geared to treating Parkinson
Like bio monitors. That test the free water in the brain
 MRI is also used
Because it is important to know how much and how frequent to give medication
Patches are used  to give medication more steady.
Charged electrical circuits with electricity or medication .
Parkinson barometers for freezing of gait.
Adaptive deep brain stimulation for server tremors.
ERG sensors for personalized medicine
Tourette syndrome -a human tick detectors or implant for deep brain stimulation
IPod base clinical decision system software that monitors all the technical implant
Vaccines are the base board of prevention  health  -and teaches the immune system how to respond to the various  compounds  and proteins present

What is the out look at the moment on Parkinson
Current statistics on  the  disease
90% we do not know
10% has a gean defect
Environmental  risk factor Like pesticide. Phosphates
Parkinson is not one of  the disease it  is a collection of various diseases

  Juliet Christie Murray
Healthy lifestyle Counselor
JICM Wellness Centre

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