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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Accuracy of Momograms

Momogram are being pushed by many health providers as the  ways to go for early detection of breast cancer. What is your take on it .Is it really necessary or is it one of the money making opportunities for the medical  fraternity

 I am 69 years old entering my 70th year in the next 6 weeks and although  recommended
by my doctor many times I simple did not 
and have never done 
 a momogram.

I once went to a herbalist to name the person. Dr. Fowler , she told me my breast were lumpy which was true.she gave me a full body herbal detox  and some supplements .I did one repeat when she was done my breast did not feel lumpy any more . That was some 16 years ago. 
The strangest thing was I did not go to her for such  a condition but when she was through assessing me with Irodology she found 3 conditions that I g without me opening my mouth  to her about them

Based on the British standards of invite  for screening I would have 2 years left to do a monogram
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As of October 2015, the ACS recommends that American women get tested annually starting at 45 years of age (it was 40 previously) and that women aged 55 and older cut back to one test every two years.

 This change was prompted by a 2013 report published by the U.S. Preventative Task Force which recommended delaying mammograms for healthy women in order “to reduce the harms of mammography screening by nearly half.

The specifics of these harms have remained somewhat vague; the mainstream media has mostly focused on the high number of “false positives” that mammograms produce. Indeed, approximately 20% of all initial breast cancer diagnoses wind up being “false positives,” which often lead to unnecessary biopsies and even rounds of chemo and radiation – not to mention a lot of unnecessary emotional stress.

Article Summary

  • Approximately 20% of all initial breast cancer diagnoses wind up being “false positives.”
  • A study found that mortality rates from breast cancer was the same both for women who got mammograms and those who did not.
  • There is technology which can safely and effectively detect breast cancer, sometimes years before a lump or bump appears.
  • There’s a billion-dollar cancer industry that is designed to promote the “status quo” at the expense of patient advocacy and disease prevention.
  • It’s important to work with the right doctor to find the best detection methods for you.
It is now believed that MRI is even now a more effective screening  than monogram.

So here you go I just gave you the report you have to make your choice.Breast cancer have been detected  by monogram and has helped save many lives.

I would suggest that you give your body a yearly detox preferably colon cleansing  herbs and some blood purifying herbs,keep blood albumin levels between 3.5 -5
.00 gdl reduce fleshy and dairy food. Drink 6- 8 glasses of water daily get some sunshine , exercise, reduce stress get enough rest and you should  fairly be on your way  to preventing breast cancer

Contributing author
Juliet Christie Murray


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