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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Help for prostrate cancer


Help for prostrate cancer

The prostrate is a small organ like the size and shape of a hazel nut organ. It is located just below the bladder and before the rectum. It is actually not one but many glands 30-50 in number., which secretes a milky substance that protects the sperm as it discharges into the urethra at the time of ejaculation.

-At times the bladder get sick and you get illnesses such as

   - Prostatitis: An inflammation of the gland which is sometimes caused by infection

   - Enlarge prostrate: This is when the gland starts growing and tends to increase with age

   - Prostate cancer: This is when the prostrate starts growing abnormally

How Prostate cancer is Identified


1.      Digital   _ Using the index finger to test in the rectum.

2.      PSA- Prostate specific Antigen. This is a protein secrete by the prostate gland

        Done by blood test: PSA = 4 When the blood PSA is above 4 there is prostrate problem

.     3. Biopsy When the prostrate gets lumpy and hard, a Biopsy is done. A needle is inserted    and a piece is snipped off for testing. The Biopsy is rated from 2-10

       There is Cancer if Biopsy  shows 2-10,  2 is not aggressive, 8 -10  is very aggressive.

      Cancer stages -of  Prostrated  is  A-D    or 1-4

4        MRI :CT Scan : Scans bones from head to toe. The stage determines the treatment.


 Prostrate cancer is a hormone cancer, even if you follow the laws of health you can still have cancer. Once cancer has left the prostate gland we cannot guarantee a cure.  It is best to remove testosterone from the system

 If a  person is over 75 years  old , no radical prostrate surgery is given.

 It is given to people who have 10 years or more to live,

 If person is 75 years and over he is given radiation

Large PSA over 20  likely there is risk.

Signs and symptoms

            i.            Erectile dysfunction      impotence

         ii.            Bleeding;                      blood in urine

       iii.            Urine control                urinating on yourself

        iv.            Urinary obstruction      stoppage of water


Radiation - kills cells thus stopping their growth. Rate of survival is up to 10 years

 This is where an external beam is passed over the affect  area  6 or 7 weeks, 5 days per week.

Hormone Therapy complication

            i.            Enlarge breast

         ii.            Flushing like (hot flashes)

       iii.             Erectile dysfunction

Cryotherapy- for prostate therapy this is the freezing of cancer cells

Chemotherapy - Used for the last stage cancer. They are really drugs. given by muscles, veins mouth , on skin or organ cavities

Side effects may occur or not at all

     i.                   Weakness

      ii.                Nausea

    iii.                Hair loss

Herbal remedies for treatment hormone

 -Medicinal herb if you use them.

-Soya is good for prostrate but may cause enlarged breast.

--Herbs that build immune system 

-Herbs that destroys tumors all these must be done in the very early stage

Watchful waiting

            i.            Observing a patient while no treatment is given

            ii.          Such patient usually has organ confined cancer with no symptom


 Can prostate cancer be prevented - NO specific measures are known in the medical field

   Early detection with an attempt to cure. However

  Dietary Measures ,along with 8 health laws are encouraging

·         Low fat low diet                                                 Soya bean product increase estrogen

·         Lycopene from tomatoes                                     Selenium & vitamin E, Zinc

·         Avoid flesh ,sugar, salt, fatty foods

Credit for this section is given to {Dr. Keith Wedderburn} urologist

The Naturopathic measures are known to reduce prostatitis and prostate cancer but are looked down on by conventional doctors mainly because they have no training in such methods and to please BIG PHARMA by pushing there drug. Health is all in the money.


                           Program Prostrate natural Health Protocol


1 Detoxifying the body:

(a)   colon cleansing (4ins aloe vera, 1 lemon juice ½ tsp turmeric I cup water)

take ½ cup 2 x d daily 3-7 days or

(b)  using cascara, senna, goldenseal tea 1-2 tsp in 1 cup water) 2 x d 3-7 days

                        Take only green juice, carrot, juice beet juice, eat melon, cantaloupe

                       4-5 times daily or when hungry while doing the above (a) or (b)


                 c. Blood cleaning Do with the colon cleanse but go all 7 days

                     Drink a combination tea of all the following herbs (1part gravel root I part   

        1 part platain.1part echinacea, 1 part buchu,1 part astragulus,1 part chaparral, 1 part                                                                      

                    1 part periwinkle, 1 part stinging nettle. ¼ part ginger,,1/4 part lobelia,

                    Use 3 tsp to one cup boiling water sweeten if wish with honey).

        Take ½ cup 3 times daily. More effective if done with a coffee enema. 1 x d x7

        days, (Draw coffee 1quart   water cool and Insert into rectum lying on side

        hold for   as long as you can Come off the cleanse with a light vegetable

       soup and take 1 acidophilus tablet per day for 7 day after,


      c. Sweating out toxins with Epsom salt glow (warm bath scrubbing entire 

           body with Epsom salt) and Russian steam bath they will induce sweat

         See different ways on the inter net .


                   2.   Supplements:  These should be taken to reduce swelling

                         Saw palmetto tablets, avena  stavia,(oats) pygeum, kelp,  zinc taken in tablet form

                          And albumin tablets Follow instruction on bottle

                   3.  Diet protocol

                     -  If albumin tablets cannot be found take egg white to build albumin levels to   


                      - take sea kelp. Pumpkin seed, grains, flax seed, /oil

                      - dark green leafy vegetables, red and yellow vegetables, legumes, peas beans

                      - eat fruits, eat an apple a day, eat nuts,

                      - drink green juice and carrot and beet juice

                     - Eat grains, like brown rice, quinoa corn

                     - reduce or cut out red meat, soda,

         -   Eat only 100 % organic food

               -  Do not eat in fast food restaurant

                      - Do not eat anything that come out of the microwave

               - Eliminate aspartame and monosodium glutamate

         -  Do not eat artificial flavors (including Splenda)

       - Do not drink diet sodas

        -Do not eat hydrogenated oils( eat virgin oil , olive coconut, )

             -Do not eat homogenized and pasteurized dairy products

              -Do not eat high fructose corn syrup

         4. ExerciseRegime ; Do 30 minuets walk if you can in the sun 3x weekly

                       -   aerobic 20- 30 minuet a day 3-4 times weekly

                       - Strength  training  lift weights 2-3 times daily 8-10 minutes

                        - stretching -exercise  likeYoga like stretch after each exercise


                5. Immaculate: hygiene practiced personal bath and change of clothing.

                                         Proper hand washing to keep away virus, bacteria, fungus

                                        Which reduces blood albumin levels which are needed to balance

                                         Body fluids and nutrient so it can fight disease

                                         Oral hygiene visit dentist, make sure you remove mercury filling

                                        They reduce albumin levels

                  6.     Massage Prostrate external and internal.


                  7.      Progesterone cream rub on balls 2 time daily if it reaches cancer stage


                   8.  Using this protocol, you are required to pray daily asking the creator for healing

                    Because it is, He who heals and holds life all other things are just props to make the stage

                       looks good   

                   This section is contributed by lifestyle counsellor Juliet Christie Murray (medical missionary)




















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