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Secrets to Anwered Prayer

Especially those done in your secret chamber.

Learn about the prayer of agreement: and how and when to use it Matt:18:19
men praying to God in song

-Focus: Do not multi-task when you are talking to God.

-Confess your sins first and ask for forgiveness -Thank God for His goodness and keeping care.
Praise God for his
Mighty Works for what He has done and is about to do.
-Spend quality time in prayer 5 minutes -to 2 hours  is not too much to do , it will help you enter the the realm of the spirit since prayers are answered there as it connects you to God

How to pray

Honour God - by addressing Him as your Father and acknowledge his Abode.

-Pray that God's kingdom come to earth. 
(The acceptance of His son Jesus Christ as superme ruler of planet earth,paid for by his blood shed on Calvary)

Secrets to Anwered Prayer

-Pray that God's will be done on earth  as it is in heaven (what is Gods will  on earth and in heaven?) 
"That all men should accept his gift of grace and salvation and live accordingly."

It also include love for your fellowmen as yourself.
This is a hard thing to do but it is a perfection you must continually try to reach.The Holy Spirit will help you. Just ask.

-Pray for the salvation of souls
-Pray  for the church to do its work in the saving of souls.

- Spending quality time in prayer 5 minutes -to 2 hours will help you enter the realm of the spirit you get strength to break through barriers of the flesh: that keep you down and bound by Satan, preventing you from entering into the realm of the spirit where you commune with God through the Holy Spirit  and where prayers are answered.

-You can only get through to the realm of the spirit by reading, accepting and doing God words which are all in the Bible.

 -When you get a knowledge of God and you pray you will enter into the realm of the spirit where you commune with him as your father.

Secrets to Answered Prayers

-Pray for understanding as you read the word of God.Always remember to pray for the assistance of the Holy Spirit before you start to read and study your Bible.

- It is then you will get wisdom as the Holy Spirit enlightens  your dark understanding.

-Pray for the Holy Spirt to teach you, for the fear of the Lord is the beginng of wisdom 

-Pray for the needs of others that they may be met.

-Pray that,all things pertaining to the living of a good life be granted to others as it is granted also unto you , such as; a home, clothing, food, health, love, favour, friends, financial break through , aboundance and most of all that they gain eternal life, ask that it be granted to you and  to others.

Do you know that at times we have struggles no matter what we do we cannot find the real reason nor cause.

The Bible say we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and against rulers of darkness in high places.

Entities we cannnot see with our naked eyes. So we of ourselves have no  skill.power nor strength to fight them.
But we do have a heavenly Father with eyes of mercy and a heart full of love.He sees, knows and understand  what we are going through. He is ready and willing to help but as this article says there is a method in getting God to act.

-When in need of supernatural help and protection come boldly to the throne God our Father and ask  Him in the name of Jesus Christ His son. Ask anything you desire. Never forget that some request need the aid of fasting along with prayer to break down strong holds,curses and alters set up  by Satan, his angels and his human agents.
-Jesus in the Bible told us so.

  However always be reminded  to read 1st John 3:22-24  and apply
It is an important conditíon.

Prayer is an agreement, a contract a covanant to do what God requires of you then He will keep his part of the bargain.

Now that you know all  this
 Go and do like wise
 Then your prayers will be answered.
Be blessed.

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Contributing author
Juliet Christie Murray (Soycriada)
healthy lifestyle counsellor

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