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About Jicm Wellness Center

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  Our vision for the JICM Wellness Centre 

is to promote a healthy lifestyle by locating information, methods, best practices natural health coaches, and health summits, These will educate you about the many possible alternatives available when you are considering addressing your immediate health challenges 

Along this path, I have come across individuals whose significant health concerns were stress related resulting in many developing lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease. high blood pressure, and cholesterol and otheres.

 Did you know that quite a few of these lifestyle diseases developed by  not adhering to natural health laws and some are stress related? brought on by anxiety because of the everyday challenges of providing basic needs for the family.


 It pains my heart that many are ill and unable to pay for basic medical services, and are forced into purchasing  high-end expensive drugs and services, When if they had met a lifestyle coach who would guide them into a change of lifestyle practices would have saved them all those expensive procedures along with their many side effects.

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 What can lifestyle coaching do for you. in order that the next time you visit your medical doctor you will be able to ask  pertinent questions related to your health challenge and find out what the possibilities of his recommending a practitioner  of natural health they both  

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In case you  are struggling with financial obligations which can bring so much stress, it will be  of no surprise if you develop any of this disease

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 2. YouTube health channel 

 3. Free Health Check Up 


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