JICM Wellness Centre  is a Jamaican Natural  Health and Wellness Centre Located in  Sandy Bay  Hanover Jamaica.  We offer Alternate Health Education Services and products to stop, manage or reverse lifestyle diseases. We help you make the right choice that aids your body to heal itself naturally through nature's eight health laws  Diet therapy, Herbal detoxification , Herbal remedies. Hydrotherapy and Massage Therapy.

 We carry natural remedies products for hormone imbalance, sexual dysfunction,  reproductive disorders. hypertension, Diabetes Reversal. Weight loss, Skin  and beauty, arthritis, circulatory disorders and cancer. We provide you info and products on the medicinal role CBD plays in herbal healing.
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Use the book in the link above to teach you how to  reduce inflamation.
  If you are ever having problems with weight loss this is  the best thing without the stress and work of dieting and exercise.i
 Is your mem⁷ory slowing Are you forgetting where and when you put those keys,forgetting vital ,information. are you forgetting words? Here is the  tablet you need to correct that.

     If you feel your body getting sluggish.it is time to do a detox flush.Most people do not tell you this but to get a really good detox it is very powerful to do a 1 to 3 days fasting a company by an enema at the end of each day.  Using flax seed meal with help to sweep the colon removing any residue sticking to the. colonYou may get Enema bag   Reasonably Enema Bags

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