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    Fibroid  Care Treatment  This program must be done for 3 to six months

Cleaning and Fasting
Fasting will help shrink a fibroid. Start your  cleaning and fasting program with a three-day fast. A day or two of fasting each week will be very helpful if your nutrient reserves are adequate—that is, you are not severely thin or very run down.
See instructions HERE
 Take the following nutrit
ional supplements  for the first month skip 2 weeks then repeat do this for the entire treatment period.

Calcium        1500mg      2 X daily 

Magnesium      800 mg       2x daily

Vitamin B 6     100mg         daily      

Vitamin c           3000         daily                   

Vitamin  D 3    450 mg       daily 

       1.       Take 1 tsp Psyllium husk in 5 ozs water 3 times daily drink before it thickens 7 day of the week.  Repeat this every month of the entire treatment.

2.     Drink 2 glasses green juice daily (this can be cucumber, spinach, callaloo, lettuce,
        green cabbage   etc,) add I tsp of chlorella, or sometimes Spirulina.  Each maybe mixed in with water and substitute the green juice sometimes.

3.      If there is bleeding  take 1 tsp alum root with 1 cup boiling water and make a tea. Soak a large piece of cotton and insert up in vagina. Or alternate with  witch hazel for fibroid with bleeding and a sensation of pelvic fullness.

         4.      Do a golden seal    douche once per week? 

         5.      Do a coffee enema 2 times per day  2 times                per week. Make a tea with (2 tsp grounded                coffee in 1 quart water).

          6     Take 1 glass vegetable juice or fruit juice 3                     times daily add 1 tsp kelp powder 1- 3 times                  and drink.

          7.      Drink 1 cup peach leaf tea three times daily (1                tsp peach leaf in 1 cup boiling water)

          8.     Apply a castor oil pack on lower abdomen                       and over ovaries at bed time at least 3 times                  per week (Castor oil packs are made by                           soaking  a piece of flannel in castor oil and                   placing it on skin . Put  plastic, over it and                     then place a hot water bottle is over the                          plastic. You may use an ordinary glass                           bottle with warm water . Put the flannel in a                  plastic bag  for when not using for reuse

          9.      Use a progesterone cream over belly follow the direction on the bottle. You may also find benefit from wild yam gel,the one available from a herbal company called  Born Again is ideal, but use what is available.
          10.     Take   the herbs supplement hormone fibroid reducing tonic 3 timed daily (takes for 4 week s. Rest  for 1 week and continues doing this for the entire program.       

       Eat 1 tbsp of the following   salad   Blend
            ½ red cabbages
      1 large onion
      1 cup olive oil
      7  pegs garlic
      Blend and take one tablespoon 3 times daily, eat               with your meals.

      Drink fenugreek tea (1/2 tsp grounded powder in 1 cup boiling water)

      Things to bear in Mind 

-  Fibroid usually grow on meat eating diets and when the body has too much estrogen.
 - Avoid eating chicken, and soy  products. Eat lots of               grains including peas and beans-
-  Eat lots of fresh vegetables ,  brown rice  Bulgar ,                 millet , corn and  buck wheat
-. Do  fish 1 time per week if you eat flesh.
-  Drinks at least 6-8 glasses of water daily.
-  Do not eat and Drink at the same meal 
-  Do not snack, have a heavy breakfast , a medium                   lunch and a  light supper.
-   Eat 3 hours before  Sleep . Stop drinking at least 1/2           hour before meals.
-  You can get The  Fibroid Tonic Recipe to shrink the                     fibroid for a small donation.
If you are trying to become pregnant get the fertility tonic recipe for a small donation we will get it to you
 This program is  for educational  purposes  and is not intended  to replace  proper medical care . Using it you do so at your own risk.
Prepared by:  Juliet Christie Murray

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