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 ­ Prostrate Problem 
This cancer affects the prostrate  the chest nut size glands  that surrounds the neck of the bladder and urethra. Prostrate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in men over age 50.about one in every 4 men over 50 will have prostrate cancer

 Cause include ,poor diet, high in fats and protein, constipation, holding urine , not drinking enough water,  over stimulation from intercourse, wearing boxer shorts, drinking alcohol and beer

The natural cure for any form of diet is ensuring that  all flesh foods are removed from the diet.
 diet must contain alt least 80 to 90 % raw foods. The 8 health laws must be adhere to.
Last do not return to the things that cause the problem less a greater thing come upon you.

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 remove  waste from colon – take enema 2 times daily –take very hot  ,hold as long as possible. Take 5 times daily for first 3 days.

Go on a juice fast .Mix the following juice and  drink 8 ozs 4 times daily
( 4 0zs cabbage, 8 ozs green juice,16 ozs carrot juice 4 ozs beet juice

During the week you take the enema, take a non enema  intestinal cleanse 3-5 times daily (1 tbsp Psyllium husk with 5 ozs water mix and drink before it gets thicken,

Drink 3 cup peach tea leaf   or yarrow  ,cleavers  and  gravel root daily
( 3 tbsp  to 1 ½ qrt water.

Get the following  Prostrate cancer herb  mixture and  take  1 ozs in 4 ozs  juice Ask Centre To build it

Eat a hand full of pumpkin seed daily

Drink at least 2 qrts water daily

Rub progesterone cream over the testicles 3 times daily

Take a drop of rose marry tincture on tongue 3 times daily ( this is very strong  use only as directed

 Take vitamins and supplements  listed  below

Diet Should consist of 80% raw foods raw fruits and vegetables
Use lot of raw seeds  and nut especially pumpkin, sunflower almond, sesame
Use cold press  vegetable oil  such as sun flower ,sesame seed or olive oil.

Lecithin, brewers ,yeast and vitamin E  for good health of the prostrate. Use them in cereal and vegetables 1-2 tsp per day

Take juice  do not drink with meals use juice to replace a meal

Supplement and Vitamins

Vitamin B 3 niacin 50 mg 3xdaily
Vitamin B12  1000 mg daily
Vitamin C 10.000  mg daily
Beta Carotene   4 capsules (25,00 IU 4 times daily
Vitamin F 600 mg. daily  if pressure is high take 800 mg daily
Chelated  zinc 50 mg  3 times daily
Pygeum Africanum  50 mg 3 times daily
Calcium  1,200 daily
Saw palmetto 5 capsules 3 times daily
Cran Actin capsules 5 cap 3 times daily
Sarsaparilla  4 capsule 2 times daily
St Johns worth 2 capsules 2 times daily

Avoid  coffee, black tea, alcohol and all spices

Get the recipe for making the prostrate cancer reversal mixture
It works.

Do this program for 6 weeks and your doctor will be astonish.continue 
If you stop eating flesh you can remain cancer free

Contributing Author: Juliet Christie Murray    Medical Missionary Hanover Jamaica
You should visit the center or call for help if you are not able to do the practical sections of this educational protocol.
Disclaimer: This is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat a medical problem. It is intended to educate as to the alternatives available to the problems above. Please visit your medical doctor for your medical problems or concern you may have.  I therefore I release the J.I.C.M. Center and its subsidiaries of  any liability arising from the use or miss use of the program protocol. My using this program  protocol is entirely at my own risk and is an  indication that I agreed to the terms mentioned above.

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