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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Quick tips for fighting the Corona virus

Fighting the COVID 19

The Corona virus  is like SARS but a little more aggressive.It thrives in cold environment, cold areas and icy foods cold drinks will cause it to multiply.a
The best way to prevent it from multiply and kill it is with heat.there is no cure or vaccine but it can be killed in the early stage

 .It is unable to grow in the lung area because it is hot.
What is does it goes into the Nasal area and sinuses which is very cool stay for up to 14 days multiply .It then travels down the back to the throat where  the infection will develop into a sore throat.

This is when  mucus start developing and travels to the lungs where  the mucus and bacteria  start build more mucus and start closing the air sacks of the lungs.  The caugh will start trying to relieve the mucus but by then it may be too late

Since the lungs cannot drain out this excessive mucous you will start having difficulty breathing.The lungs then start gathering water. you will feel as if drowning  then pneumonia sets in and you without the aid of a ventilators you can die.

The best ├žure for  you is to prevent the virus multiplying .you may not be able to excape it since it is now believe to be air borne.

1f you have to go out .when you return put on a pot of boiling water .you can add some form of citrus  skin onion.salt and leave the water to boil
Take off your clothes and have a very hot shower.

Go back and  and put your head over the    boiling water and inhale the steam do for 15 minutes but do not burn your self

It is being  assumed that  the whuan
Virus can be controlled by drinking the herbal tea  jamaican called fever grass 3 times a day. It contains three chemical which have been proven to be  very effective.The herb vervain is said to be very good too.

You can also  have a cup of tea made from
1/2 of a medium onion .
lemon/lime juice.
1 peg garlic
1/4 tsp Turmeric
 1 pinch salt
Drink very hot.

Take Your vitamins and the mineral iodine is important too

 drink regularly tea made from.1 or 3 of these herbs these will help clear lungs from congestion.
elder berry. mullein. eucalyptus.leaf of life.

Or take the herbal  formula called Lungs you take 1 tbsp into 1/2,cup of very hot water 3 times daily as early as possible if you start will help relieve the mucus forming in the lungs.

Coconut oil is very good to help

  Sanitizing products
Continue with the hand washing and sanitizing and social distance
Please remember to ground your elderly especially if they have diabetes. hypertension or heart disease.

contact:  whatsApps 876-868-5692 on how to acquire

Contributing author
Juliet C Murray
JICM Wellness Cente

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