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Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Fasting is considered by many health enthusiasts as one of the best methods of controlling overweight and diabetes.

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Many of us were told that weight gain was due to taking on too much calories therefore if we are considering loosing some weight the best method is to eat less.

 Many eat less until they reach  starvation and still did not see much difference as the fat kept piling on.

Until it  goes to the point that they end up with not just fat but type 2 diabetes too. 
Then we were told that to lower the carbohydrates was the way to keep fat off. C.I.C.O calories in calories out was the best way; eat then exercise. But this also proved wrong because the eat less   and more theory did not work also.
Later more study proved  that the underlying cause of obesity seem to be hormone related rather than caloric.

The hormone insulin is a fat storing hormone.When we eat insulin increases and signal our body to store food energy as fat to use later when the need arises. Although this method has helped humans for many years in today's world the need never arises in most cases.

High insulin levels result in obesity later goes on to type 2 diabetes as the cells develop high resistance to insulin

In type1 and type 2 diabetes insulin certainly lowers blood sugar but causes weight gain. In type 1 insulins levels are low so blood sugar is high.

In type  2 insulin levels are consistently high but blood sugar is high because the cell develop a high resistance to insulin . 
Doctors consistently increase the insulin dosage and type 2 diabetes gets worst so does obesity.

What can we do to help both of these conditions obesiety and type 2 diabetes.  Studies  said that It seem that there could  be  a "one plaster that hcould be suitable to cover both wounds"

It is said diet and fasting could do both. Studies showed that a low carb diet couple with vegetable, high quality protein adequate amount of  good fat would show marked improvement in regulating blood sugar  but no marked improvement in weight lost.

It was hypothesized the the body when going into assume starvation will hang on to its caloric reserves and instead of reducing weight actually gain weight.

Further studies proved that  the best way to over come this challenge is to send the body into a fasting mode. Not only did blood sugar levels fall  but weight reductions was observe also .

However to the delight of many. Some underlining health issues other that the two mentioned showed marked improvement and many completely went away. 

This happens because fasting actually sends the body into detox mode where water and toxin are released as liver .kidneys and colon detoxify. The result more energy and a sense of wellbeing.

This really sound crazy how can one feel better when the body is starved from nutrients. These promoters of fasting must have lost their minds. 

We were thought that to function we need at least 3 meals daily maximum 6 to include mid morning  mid afternoon snack and a night cap.
However reports came that when fasting  the mind becomes clearer
And the brain sharper and energy improved.Who would not want to experience this?

Fasting is  voluntarily depriving the body from food over a period of time for a specific.reasons. this reasons vary religious, protest. Weight lost ,blood sugar reduction as in the case of diabetes, and curing of life threatening diseases even cancers

Fasting must be planned and the mind prepared to compete the task.
If this is not done there is the possibly of breaking the fast before the time it was  intended to last for this  resulting in loosing most of the benefits.

There are some things necessary to have on hand to ensure the body does not go into a toxic shock such as  lemons,  bone broth with sea salt, spring water .sometimes vitamins especially vitamin D, and distilled water if you are trying to reverse cancer. Most of all have a good reliable person to be on hand especially if you intend to go on long periods of 3 days and over.

At the end there will be significant 
 weight reduction ,and lower blood sugar.

Remember to take probiotics are coming off a fast and gentle include in to the body like light vegetable soups and juices

Most importantly do not returned to bad dietary practices  like massive intake of  carbohydrates junk foods and unhealthy 
Fats and sugary desserts.

NB. The practice  of 5 hrs between meals , reduction of sugary drinks and desserts  and some  strengthen exercise to form up muscles have been proven to keep the weight off and stabilize the blood

Watch this video  for reasons why we should fast

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