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Friday, December 18, 2020

Pumping Up the Energy Relieving the Stress


Do you know that your enter body is made out of pure energy.this energy is arrange in different  form  to produce organs ,bones hair and liquid in the body.

Well there is one organ in the body that you can use to top up your energy quickly if you are feeling stressed or tired especially when you are in places where you need energy or need to calm the rising stress.
It is believed that the body  has at its disposal 9 energy system that you can activate  to pump up the energy.
However I will just introduce  you to the triple warmer a simple one which for most people over utilizes an gland that at 70 it is not even there  but that  what remains of it is just a blob of fat.

Have you seen in the movies Tarzan or Cheeta beating their chest when they are thinking  of going to war. Well you believe this  they are activating one of the easiest system  of pumping up the energy  the "triple warmer

Why best the chest? You see there is a gland situate right at  the breast between the lung behind the sternum called the thymus gland. Though born with it it is  slowly developed until late childhood,and puberty when it reach its maximum weight  and slowly  starts shrinking and gradually replace by a fatty tissue.
Thymosin is the hormone produce by the thymus. Throughout  the childhood years It helps in the development of T Cells, which  are specific type of white blood cell  called  lymphocytes. These Cells pass through the thymus gland on their way to the lump noods.
where hey  helps to fight disease
The thymus  has a double function one as a endocrine the other  a lymphatic gland. These functions  form part of the immune system and thus helps the body to fight many diseases in the body.
The immunes system is a part of the first line of protecting the body from invasive bacteria and viruses.

You need to know that if you beat a few seconds on the area  on the chest between the breast at times when you are very tired or feel stressed your energy will pump up and and your stress releive

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