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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Experience of A COVID-19 Victim


Experience of A COVID-19 Victim

I listen to a program recently where a lady related her horrifying experience from contacting the COVID 19 virus, I said myself so many people missed this interview. And as best as I can I am going to post this so that the many individual who are going with out masks and not observing the social distance protocol, not doing proper sanitation will understand the awful life-threatening experience that one can go through.

The lady being interviewed said she was a very active and busy individual who is always going from one project to another, always on the go for she was always experiencing very exceptional good health.

However for about a weeks she started experience fever and chills only at night, but in the mornings  and throughout the day she was quite ok,  she experienced ,no eye pain, no acidic taste ,no bad taste, no sore throat or running nose ,no cough like whatever like many people stated they had with the unset of the virus

She said after 5 days with the night fever she stated felling tired and her skin became so tender she could not lotion her skin. I think it was her daughter who said mommy.” You could be getting “Covid19”. She said she started to do the steaming of the nostrils drank lots of hot liquids, turmeric   tea and gargle the throat with hot water and salt that many said would stop CIVID!19  its tracks.

But non of that had any effect. She stared having real fever and chills in the day s and her daughter   Said Mommy you cod be having Covid19. She reported it and a doctor came and tested her, she was COVID19 positive. She was told to go into immediate Quarantine.

She was advised to get an oxygen level testing machine(Pulse Oximeter}and test her oxygen levels. Normal oxygen levels should be 95 .If it goes below  you could be heading for trouble. Her’ was 88.  On the Sunday She went out into the open air and started blowing bubbles in water and got it back up to 95.

 By Tuesday it went back down and try as she could it would not get it back up back to 95.

She started to have breathed problems and was quickly rushed on to the National Chest Hospital in Kingston,

She said they were very good from the porter who saw them as they came in and rush with a wheel chair and took her straight  where the Doctors and nurses quickly hooked her up to oxygen and stated working on her immediately.

She became much better that they could send her home but, not without some damage done.

She said having the virus is much more problematic than what people think. She was about 45 years old or there about. She had no COVID19 morbidities. However, she had to be given blood thinner because by way of an injection because doctors told her she started develops clots, and her plates got very low, so she was treated for that too. She was then told that she had also developed pneumonia in her lungs.

At the time of the interview, she out and at home, however she still was not over the pneumonia but was getting treatment at home.


It was a long interview, they had run out of time, it would be continued the next day. I listened for it, but it seemed as if I missed it or she was too ill to continue. To read it and hear it is no comparison. It was really heart breaking. It makes me want to take the COVID 19 vaccine

She gave accolades to the Staff at the National Chest Hospital, Kingston and advised if you are experience the  COVID 19  you should head straight to that hospital. They are Knowledgeable and considerate, and very professional.

Interviewer : Emily Shield

Contribution Author : Juliet Christie Murray

JICM Wellness Centre, Sandy Bay Hanover, Jamaica




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