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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Blood Detoxification

Detoxification and why it is important


I get tired of people complaining of how they are unwell. When questioned when last did  you do a body detox? They act surprise as if to say what's that or some say that is not necessary.

If you have any plans of staying healthy with minimal amount of aches and pains and not feel too good days  and developing major diseases like diabetes, cancer  and other lifestyle disease I would suggest that you do a blood and lymph  purification therapy at least every  6 month to a year.

If the blood and lymph are clean no disease can take over the body. Your blood stream is the river of life because it constantly neutralizes poison and carry away toxin to be neutralize  in the various detoxification organs like the liver and kidney.

Alternative herbs are one of the best methods of detoxifying the body. Herbs like burdock root, red clove. Echinacea  chaparral, garlic, yellow dock and dandelion are good for the process  to aid purification ,

Enema and colonic are necessary accompanied by  short  water fast  or juice or vegetable juice and or broth

Deep breathing and exercise are part of the process which will aid toxin eliminate through the lungs and skin. Dry skin brushing and hydrotherapy help clean the blood and lymph and they work extremely well for the  elderly and weak individuals

Some blood cleansing herbs  are diuretic and hepatic. Always  when using them  for blood Detoxification take them on a empty stomach or between meals

Blood purification therapy is m indicated during, gout arthritis, rheumatism  skin disease and all toxic conditions wherever the blood purification therapy is needed.



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