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Friday, August 29, 2014


                                                    Re-thinking Cancer

What is cancer
-Cancer is a class of disease identified by its uncontrollable cell growth.
-There are over 100 different types of cancer.
-Cancer harms the body when damaged cells divide uncontrollable and form a mass or lumps. called  cancer tumors
 Cancer gets more dangerous when:
a.       The cancer cells move throughout the body by ways of the blood or lymph, destroying healthy  tissues in the process.
b.     The cancer cell manages to divide and makes its own blood vessels to feed itself.
-When the cancer spreads to different parts of the body it is a serious condition and is difficult to treat. 
However if a way is found to stop the cancer cells from sticking to a new site by interfering with  its cell growth, the disease may be halted and stop the growth of secondary tumors .
-A normal body cell is programmed to live for a specific period of time and then dies. In the case of cancer the programmed gets mixed up some how and cells keep on multiplying and do not die .
What causes cancer
                                 Genes:    Carcinogens:     Other Factors:    
    Genes:     a . Cancer can be the result of a genetic predisposition. It is inherited      from family members
                        b.  DNA :The DNA type may be damaged. There are 4 types of cells genes programming
                               1. tells cells when not to divide.    2. Tells cell when to divide
                               3. Tells cells when to repair itself.   4.Tells cells when to kill itself
      Cancer occurs during the cell genes mutation making the cell unable to   correct  the DNA damage.
 2.     Carcinogens:    These are classes of substances that are responsible for damaging  the cell’s DNA.  Example tobacco ,arsenic, X-ray,  sun, compounds from car exhaust,and formaldehyde etc. They create. Free radicals  which damage  cells.
  3.      Other Factors: Infectious agents:  such as 
                            a.  Infectious Viruses. hepatitis B, ( Liver cancer)
                                                                  human-papipllomavirus,  (cervical cancer) 
                             b.  Infectious bacteria; Helicobacter- pylori. (Stomach cancer)
                             c.  Infectious Parasites : Liver flukes (cancer of the bile duct)
                             d.  Immune suppressants : Any thing that weakens the immune     HIV, stress etc. 

 Surgery. Radiation:  Chemotherapy : Immune therapy: Hormone therapy:
Genes Therapy:
A surgery  :         Removal of lump or organ by cutting. (New)Use  of sniff  knife to              and remove  affected  tissues
Radiation:            Destroys cell with high radiation -damage good one too
Chemotherapy      Is a class of drugs used to tell the DNA in to cells to kill itself. Sometime they kills other good cells too
Immune therapy:    strengthen the system to fight the invading  cancer cells.this entails Cleaning and building  the immune system with  nutrition, herbs , enema, and  hydrotherapy  , giving it a fighting chance. This is the one most naturalist use
Hormone therapy:   Given to alter  the body’s hormone and is mostly used  for   hormone driven cancers like  prostrate, breast and uterine cancers
Genes Therapy:     This is the method that replaces damage genes with a good copy of  the cell. Aimed at making the cancer  attack itself    and die
Do These Therapies Work?   There are many factors that can go for or against.
1-It  is dependent on the stage of the cancer,
2-How many organ it has invaded  
3-The age of the individual
4-The health status, of the individual
5-Other personal characteristics.(positive or negative attitudes  plays a great part)
5- Individual’s finances and family support
As a believer in the perfect blood, perfect health philosophy.
And like many other herbalist I would want to suggest immune therapy.
However sometimes one method alone does not work effectively.  Physical ,psychological  and financial support is crucial for the individual fighting cancer,
   Whichever method  one  chooses to use it rest entirely with the individual   Immune therapy is slow and expensive and it rest with the suffer to stick to the treatment protocols.  One has to be discipline and have lots of guts.
    However of all the therapies. its the one that does the least damage to other cells

 What does immune therapy  entails?  just to mention a few
Body detoxification –Cleansing of blood , lymph and colon
Eating 90% raw foods
Drinking lots of herb tea,   and herbal chemo
Drinking lots of green juices,
 Taking lots of nutritional supplements
Taking at least 3 enema weekly,
Doing at least 2 steam bath weekly,
Taking salt glow bath,
Removing flesh from your diet forever
Removing  dairy products and  other things you  dearly loved from your diet
Lots and lots of prayer and faith; enough not to break when all others around 
you have lost all faith in the treatment.

Yes the cost is high but it can extend your life with all your body organs and mind intact. Are willing to pay that price to live. Others have ,so why can’t you.?

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